"Actively participate in management"

Investment Strategy

IGneous is constantly selecting and analyzing new opportunities in innovative sectors with growth potential. Among them we look for companies in their beginning stages that require support in:


  • Strategic vision.
  • Financial and operational management.
  • Access to sources of financing for growth.
  • Handling of working capital.
  • Negotiation power with clients and suppliers.
  • Handling of information and access to new technologies.
  • Network of contacts.

IGneous looks to professionalize these companies and support the management operationally, financially and organizationally.

This is done by:


  • Defining a clear strategy.
  • Creating a model with supervising partners, motivated and with interests aligned in the medium and long term.
  • Direct and persoanl participation of the partners in the administration of each company of the group.
  • Constant monitoring of management.
  • Restructuring debt and access to cheaper financing.
  • Accounting and IT support (Back Office).
  • Business opportunities among the companies.
  • Access to a network of national and international contacts.